With Extra Protection: gas, light, humidity

With constant innovations, willing to meet all its clients’ needs, and developing new solutions, Engebag, with the help of its technical team has developed several special big bag models, among them those which increase the stored product shelf life:

Big Bags Alimentícios
Big bags with special liners - High Protection
  • Higher protection for the permeability of water vapor (TPVA) and oxygen (02);
  • Prevents gas leak;
  • Vacuum application and modified atmosphere;
  • More resistant to piercing;
  • Fully protects the product and keeps its integrity;
  • Increases the product storage.
Big bag with protection against light + liner - High Protection
  • It protects the product against ultraviolet rays, it also has advantages of a high protection liner.


Disposable (one way)

Safety factor 5:1;
Load capacity up to 2,000 kg, or custom made.

The big bags are developed and manufactured in polypropylene fabric, in various sizes, with different devices (valves), and our team evaluates the specific characteristics of each product and designs it in a suitable way for each client and each operation.

Big Bags Alimentícios
Reusables (Multi Way)

Safety factor 6:1;
Load capacity up to 1,650 kg or on demand.

Reusables - Heavy Duty (Multi Way)

Safety factor 8:1;
Load capacity up to 1,250 kg or on demand.

Engebag, based on its know-how, studies and assessments which have been made with Bag Cleaner (Big bags maintenance), has developed a plan for optimizing the big bags project with safety factor 6:1 and 8:1, reusable, which provides the client a big bag with better performance, reduction of internal contaminators (threads and strands) and a longer lifetime.

Big Bags Alimentícios

All food big bag models manufactured at Engebag have great cost benefit for its clients due to the safety differentials for the food being packed.

Engebag’s big bag differentials:

  1. Fabric suitable to the client’s product;
  2. Cutting system that prevents the fabric from shredding;
  3. Sewing, folding and special coatings to eliminate spots of contamination;
  4. Coatings that prevent shredding and contamination of the product being packed - “threads in the food”;
  5. Valves in special fabric resistant to several reuses;
  6. Straps are fixed so that they do not have any contact with the food;
  7. High quality printing: good image after several uses.

Besides the constructive differentials mentioned above, 100% of the big bags manufactures by Engebag go through metals detector, and comply with the FSSC 22.000. All raw materials have a rigid quality control with certified and validated providers that meet the food safety standards, offering our clients a product which is manufactured in controlled environment and that offers all the guarantees for food packaging.

100% of the big bags provided by Engebag meet the NBR 16.029 Packaging – flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for non-hazardous product (ISO 21898:2004, MOD), approved by assessments performed in properly accredited labs.

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