Engebag - Big Bags

Planning and Flexibility

Due to its productive qualities, Engebag is highly flexible for manufacturing special and emergency big bags according to each client’s necessities.

Engebag - Big Bags

Personalized Project

Technical Sales Representatives that are trained and able to develop personalized projects that meet the specific operational necessities of each client.

Engebag - Big Bags

Technical Team

The Technical Team developing personalized solutions together with the technical staff in manufacturing has resulted in more than 90% satisfaction in the last “Customer Satisfaction Survey” performed by Engebag in the following subjects:

  • Speed in returning inquiries and cost estimates;
  • Frequency in visits and contacts;
  • Initiative for solving problems;
  • Responsiveness in case of improving or development;
  • Sales representative’s technical knowledge and clear information;
Engebag - Big Bags

Technical Support

Technical Support/ After Sales: speed and technical knowledge in solving problems.

Engebag - Big Bags

Logistics: speed and low cost

Because of the integrated logistics system with Bag Cleaner, which has more than 450 delivery spots, Engebag offers low cost deliveries to its clients (CIF Clients), and also speed and punctuality in delivery deadlines.

As an evidence that Engebag aims at overcoming its clients expectations, in the subject of meeting deadlines which were agreed with the clients, we got a grade over 95% of approval in the result of the customer satisfaction survey.

Engebag - Big Bags

Partnership with Bag Cleaner

Working since 1995 with the hygiene and review of big bags, Bag Cleaner is a real “lab”, where it is possible to follow and analyze the problems brought by the big bags after several uses on a daily basis.

Engebag benefits from this experience, identifying and preventing the causes of these problems, incorporating these solutions in the big bags projects developed for their clients.

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