Code of Conduct: Engebag Indústria de Embalagens LTDA

1. Purpose

Engebag’s Code of Conduct defines the minimum, nonnegotiable standards to be respected and complied with in all actions performed by Engebag. This document reaffirms our principles in order to work ethically and transparency and shall be followed and respected by our business partners too.

2. Human Rights

Engebag supports and respects, unconditionally, all human rights in all its structure and business activities, as follows:

  • Forced / Slavery or Involuntary Work: Engebag does not use, under any circumstances, or benefits from, in any way, of forced, slavery or involuntary work.
  • Recruiting Practices: Engebag only contracts legally authorized workers to work at its facilities and is responsible for validating its employees’ eligibility for work by means of adequate documentation. Work choice is free.
  • Minimum Age for Work Admission: Engebag respects the minimum age for contraction according to legislation, and it is expressly prohibited the use of children’s work.
  • Fair and Equitable Treatment: Engebag performs its activities with dignity, respect and integrity with its employees, there is no discrimination during contraction, remuneration, promotion, dismissal against race, social position, origin, religion, age, disability, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, union or politic party affiliation.
  • It does not tolerate any kind of abuse, intimidation, threat or any kind of harassment, physical, sexual or verbal.
  • Engebag respects the employees’ privacy rights whenever it collects personal information or implements employee supervision practices.
  • Working hours and days off: The employees at Engebag work according to effective legislation and to mandatory standards for the sector regarding working hours and extra hours, including breaks, periods of rest, vacation, and maternity and paternity leaves.
  • Salaries/additional payments: The employees at Engebag receive salaries that comply with the matinal legislation or sector standards, whatever has more advantages, and are ruled by binding collective contracts. Engebag does not discriminate when employing or setting remuneration.
  • Work Environment: Engebag provides a healthy and safe work environment for its employees, with drinking water, suitable lighting, temperature, ventilation and hygiene and personal protective equipment with fully equipped work areas. The facilities are built and maintained according to the standards in legislation and applicable laws.

3. Environmental Sustainability

Engebag complies with environmental requirements legally applicable to the sector.

  • Environmental License: Engebag holds an environmental license and acts with social responsibility, promoting responsible use of natural resources in order to preserve and respect the environment.

4. Business Integrity

Engebag never offers or promises, directly or through intermediaries, inappropriate personal benefits with the intention of getting or maintaining business or other advantages from third parties, whether they be public or private. Engebag does not pay, nor accepts bribery, agrees on or accepts commission, nor acts in a way to violate any antibribery laws or legislation in vigor.

  • Intellectual Property: Engebag takes the necessary safeguard and preservation measures of confidential and protected information from its business partners and uses all this information only for purposes authorized in contract.

In case you want to report anything to Engebag regarding ethical behavior, compliance, conduct, integrity and/or that violates our principles, contact us:

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