History: ORIGIN

The company is a result of watching the problems found in various uses of big bags, performed on a daily basis at Bag Cleaner, a company which is open since 1995 Providing Hygiene Services and Food Big Bags Reviews. It has been a pioneer and market leader in packaging in Brazil, its Directors, who have graduated in Engineering and have solid know-how in logistics and packing, realized the Market need of having a technically more suitable big bag and a better technical support.

So, ENGEBAG – Soluções em Big Bag was founded in the small town of Iracemapolis in 2003 with the challenge to meet these expectations.

New Facilities

Because Engebag has always thought about its employees, the environment, and food regulation, it has opened a new and modern facility in the town of Iracemápolis/SP in 2018 in a site of 12 thousand m2 with a built-up area of 6 thousand m2.

Besides increasing its production capacity, the new facilities have several improvements and innovations to serve our clients in and out of the food business: The accesses are monitored with cameras which comply with the FSSC 22000 requirements on food fraud and food defense. All openings have nettings, accesses have barriers and other characteristics aiming at food safety. Locker rooms and restrooms are apart from the manufacturing area.

Because we are concerned about the environment, the new plant was built with a system to collect, store and reuse the water in external washing, gardens, and toilets.

The building was designed to offer the best working conditions to its operational staff. The manufacturing area, the food area and the resting places are all wide and totally equipped. Each detail was planned to provide comfort and safety to our team.

Novas Instalações Engebag
Novas Instalações Engebag
Novas Instalações Engebag
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