Engebag Policies

Quality policy

To produce flexible containers (big bags) with quality, ensuring food safety, communication, meeting customer requirements, legislation and internal standards, training employees, investing in technology and improving commitments with our suppliers, in order to overcome customer expectations through the continuous improvement of the system.

Environment Policy

"Engebag has, as mission, respect for the environment, adopting as environmental policy: “Manufacturing flexible containers preserving and respecting the environment."

In order to comply with such policy, Engebag is committed to:

  • Meeting valid environment legislation.
  • Acting with social responsibility, promoting the responsible use of natural resources, like reusing rain water, using natural lighting with polycarbonate prismatic domes and the Robert system for ventilation and lighting.
  • Working with selective collecting and waste disposal aiming at giving the right destination with accredited contractors.
  • Transforming, by means of recycling raw materials waste, shavings of products from the industrial process, reducing production waste.
  • Raising employees’ awareness regarding the importance of respecting the environment and recycling.

Rights and Land Use Policy

Regarding property, and land and soil use, Engebag discloses the current policy to the public, which bears the following guidelines:

Land Use Rights

Engebag commits itself to assuming the responsibility of not using Indian lands in a coercive way for its facilities, prioritizing the respect for local communities, property rights and free decision for agreement.

Property rights and regular use of land must be easily confirmed by means of documents like certificates issued by authorized associations, respective Property Registry Office, deeds of sale, renting contracts or court orders.

Protection and land sustainability

The land use and the development of economic activity by Engebag respect applicable environmental protection legislations. To the same extent, land use and development of economic activity valorize, respect and stimulate the development of local communities and encourage that its suppliers do it as well.

Dialogue and socioenvironmental development

Engebag has communication channels in order to investigate and solve eventual complaints regarding land use, as well as the promotion of socioenvironmental development.


Finally, Engebag abstains from using, during the development of its economic activities, deforested and irregular lands, Indian lands, lands that are permanently protected, environmental protection area or other forms of non-consented sit-ins or that are not permitted by legislation.

Publicity and transparency

Engebag will disclose the current internal policies among its employees, partners, suppliers and will make other policies and its code of conduct available for the society in general, in its official website: www.engebag.com.br, making its guidelines public and its relations more transparent.

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